Below is an apartment block, Anonymous House. From the outside all the residents appear the same (postcode, demographics), but take a look inside and their individual personalities are revealed.

Using the Big 5 personality model we can see how the residents' different character traits affect their buying habits, reactions to advertising and much more. Scroll down to meet them.

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The Big 5 is the rationale which underpins VisualDNA's approach to human understanding.

It means we can show businesses why their customers make the decisions they do, and help them understand their audience's motivations, aspirations and values. Campaigns become more relevant because each message speaks to the individual, not the crowd.

Our model also allows us to reliably predict a customer's ability to repay a loan. This is revolutionising banking. Now financial institutions can lend to customers based on their personality, even to people without credit histories.

Whatever your business, the Big 5 and the science of personality, together with big data, can help you really understand your customers as people. To find out more, get in touch.

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